Sara Zee's Silk Filled Comforters and Pillows are Hypoallergenic - The Ability to Greatly Reduce Aggravating Allergies
We are specialized in natural hand made products made from sustainable and renewable Eco Friendly materials
Spring and Fall King Size Silk Filled Comforters

The Chinese have always considered Silk as the ultimate luxurious cloth. Soft, warm and lightweight, its natural breath ability enables Silk to absorb moisture without feeling damp. According to the air temperature Mulberry Silk either draws heat away from the body or traps in he warmth. In the winter the large fibers reduce thermo-conductivity (heat loss) from the body, but in the summer they release excess heat, keeping you wonderfully cool and comfortable. The Silk Filling in our comforters is 100% Mulberry Silk fibers and since they are an organic protein they are:
Breathable, lightweight, very supple, constantly equalizing temperature
Naturally hypoallergenic and provides heath benefits
Not as puffy as down
Conform to the contours of your body
Choosing the right Silk Filled Comforter:
Our Winter Queen Silk Filled Comforters are filled with 100% Silk Mulberry fibers and the shell cover is softly brushed 100% Cotton to give the cover a richer and softer texture. Our Winter Queen Silk Filled Comforter is a perfect Comforter for room temperatures of 38F - 65F and an excellent choice for Fall and Winter Silk Filled Comforters.
Because our Silk Filled Comforters are larger in size than most others currently in the market, there is no machine wide enough to quilt our Silk Filled Comforters. Our King Silk Filled Comforters are 109X112 to provide you with adequate coverage, in comparison to most other Silk Filled Comforter manufacturers which are mostly 89"X105. Our Queen sized Comforters are comparatively larger as well. Our Silk Filled Comforters are hand made and there might be slight variation from Silk Filled Comforter to Silk Filled Comforter but there is an added benefit of our Silk Filled Comforters being made to perfection.
Size and Color Availability:

Our King size Silk Filled Comforters are 109" in width and 112" in length and they come in Antique White Color. Additional colors can be made to order for additional charges.

It is reasonably priced at $339.00

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