Sara Zee's Silk Filled Comforters and Pillows are Hypoallergenic - The Ability to Greatly Reduce Aggravating Allergies

We are specialized in natural hand made products made from sustainable and renewable Eco Friendly materials

Silk Filled Comforters are luxury items

Once used exclusively by elite classes such as Kings, Emperors and their  courts. These days, with the trend towards healthier living, many people are  choosing Silk Filled Comforters for softness, warmth, lightness and comfort. Such  characteristics are the reasons most consumers choose Silk Filled Comforters as an excellent alternative to Down Comforters. Our silk Filled Comforters are filled with 100% Finest Grade Mulberry Silk fibers and covered with a fine softly brushed 100% Cotton; they possess the ability to greatly reduce the chances of creating  allergies for those with sensitive skin. Beside the health benefits of Silk Filled Comforters, they are as warm as Down Comforters but only half of the weight. Mulberry Silk fibers keep away moisture, humidity and drape well to the contours of your body.

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